ibex fairstay

ibex fairstay certificate - Level Silver for the Hotel Continental

Together with the hotel management school Vatel, further measures were taken and various sustainability certificates were analyzed. We chose the Ibex Fairstay Certificate and are very proud to have received the Silver level certification. 


What does a Ibex fairstay Label mean ? 

  1. Quality of management
    Sustainability must be consciously anchored in the management. The internal structures and processes are adapted accordingly: Staff management, internal organisation, controlling, guest orientation, innovation.
  2. Ecology - careful use of resources
    The careful handling of resources is dear to our hearts. For this reason, we pay attention to environmental compatibility and savings opportunities in energy, water, waste, purchasing, furnishings and the environment.
  3. Regional commitment
    The added value should remain in the region as far as possible and strengthen it. In this way, we create jobs, support customs, reduce transport distances and inspire people with enthusiasm for regional specialities and features.
  4. Social balance
    Guests and employees should feel comfortable. We make sure that the general conditions are right for everyone: Consideration of guest wishes, fair and supportive working conditions for employees, inclusion of suppliers, harmony with the population, accessibility.
  5. Finances and performance
    Only an economically healthy company can work sustainably and secure jobs. That is why we place great emphasis on profitability, performance, cost control, investments, risk management as well as guest and employee satisfaction.

More than 60 hotels, hostels and hospitals throughout Switzerland proudly carry the ibex fairstay label. They have been audited by accredited auditors and evaluated by the independent certification committee. Depending on their sustainability performance, the companies are awarded ibex fairstay bronze, silver, gold or platinum.